Love in Portofino!

Hello my dear Friends,

I was so proud to share memories from my childhood during my third concert tour in Italy, on the splendid Italian Riviera. It was an honor to travel with friends to my home town Ventimiglia, and perform in the beautiful location of San Remo, home to the famous annual Music Festival! 

 - Franco



Love in Portofino & San Remo Tour

Our 2015 trip to Portofino, Rapallo and San Remo was amazing!

The special day in Franco Corso's home town Ventimiglia was unforgettable,

with the warmth of his  intimate concert at one of his favorite restaurants - 

traveling with Franco is such a special experience!

The final Gala Banquet at the Royal Hotel in San Remo was over the top, 

with a glorious private performance by

Franco Corso.

Below are a few photos from our trip of a lifetime

  featuring Italian Singing Sensation 


The Voice of Romance!

Gianni & Lexye Aversa